Grow Your Business With DBChat

It’s Not just a chatbot, it’s so much more

The secret to any company’s success is in the happiness of recurring customers.
Every company wants to grow its customer base.

But how??

Companies lose at least 10 percent of their customers due to poor customer care.

Imagine never missing a lead and always staying on top of your customer needs.

Introducing DBChat

DBChat is a marketing tool that allows a business to grow by connecting better with its customers. With DBChat, businesses can stay “online” all the time, even when you are offline. Gone are the days of boring contact forms, frustrating live chat solutions and unresponsive customer service. With DBChat, you will never miss another customer.

  • Chat completion rates on DBChat are 80%-85%. This is compared to live chat completion rates around 30%-40%.
  • DBChat analyzes the query written by a customer and automatically responds within 3 seconds. Customers still feel like they are chatting with a person because of the graphics we have put in place during that 3 second wait.
  • We have taken our conversation technology to the next level and can now text enable phone numbers that were never able to have text conversations.
  • Can you add the 2 PDF's to download for more information if they provide Email address?

Why Use DBChat?

DBchat is not just a chat service. It’s a complete solution to your customer care needs. DBChat provides customers the ability to contact your business via voice calls, text, or chat and even leave reviews for your products and services.


Using DBChat’s innovative, automated Voice feature, businesses needn’t have someone by the telephone all day. It answers phone calls and attends to caller needs when you can’t. It can schedule appointments, answer questions and do much more. It can also be customized for optimum performance and relevance.


A state-of-art chatbot, DBChat is interactive, customizable and offers a hassle-free UI. It can take care of all major customer needs such as bookings and appointments, product and price inquiries, leaving a review or complaints. The live chat feature of DBChat’s chatbot allows you to join in on a conversation at any time and have a live chat with customers.


Realizing your mobile needs, DBChat offers a Text function that allows customers to connect via text messages, offering them a hassle-free experience and enhanced satisfaction. By allowing customers to directly reach out to a brand, this chatbot strengthens customer loyalty, leading to better customer retention and ROI.


Leverage DBChat to gather reviews from customers, setting your business apart from peers. While it only publishes positive reviews, the platform intimates brand owners about the negative ones, allowing them to directly connect with the disappointed customer for optimum retention through efficient customer services.

Grow your business with DBChat

DBChat promotes growth, by enabling maximum lead capture, including the ones that are easy to miss. Using this platform, our customers have recorded up to 10x ROI and their customer engagement has increased 27 times. And most importantly, they have recorded a 25 percent increase in revenues.

Industry Insights for DBChat

George Brazil, one of the most acclaimed home service brands in Arizona, swears by DBChat. In the last four months, DBChat has generated 443 chats for the company along with 334 phone calls. George Brazil generates hundreds of thousands of dollars per quarter thanks to DBChat. Arizona’s AC and Plumbing giant Chas Roberts is also a fan of our services. Since they have been using DBChat’s extensive chat services, they have seen an increase of 40 percent in their chat volume. Atlanta, Georgia’s largest HVAC company RS Andrews has been using DBChat to great satisfaction.

Unsure Still?

DBChat is the first platform that provides offline scheduling abilities that can directly be incorporated into your CRM. As part of Digital Broiler’s repertoire of services to help your business grow its market and customer base as well as online reach and revenues, DBChat will surely prove itself an important tool in your success.